Topple 1.9.2

Build a tower of blocks with challenging shapes


  • Senses motion in your mobile device
  • Fun graphics and interface


  • Repetitive levels

Very good

Halfway between Tetris and Jenga, Topple is a game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that's all the more fun because it puts your skills to the ultimate balancing test.

The goal is simple. Using your finger, simply pile up geometric figures and build as high as possible within the time limit Topple sets for you. You have a different height and time goal for each level, and every time you hit your goal you earn additional points. As the name suggests, the blocks have a tendency not to be very sturdy or balance, so watch out for tumbling towers in Topple!

Like Tetris, the blocks you're given in Topple don't necessarily fit together well. They also grimace every time you touch them, adding to the fun. Some blocks in Topple seem to be handed to you specifically to make your structure the least stable it can possibly be. Combat this issue by tilting your mobile device from right to left. The motion sensor can actually help you out in this instance.

Topple comes with regular and space modes, giving you extra options for interesting background graphics. There is also a practice round included to help you learn how to play the game. Unfortunately, newcomers might still be left a little confused by the relatively sparse explanations, even in practice mode.

For Jenga and Tetris enthusiasts alike, Topple is a fun and challenging game you can take with you on the go.



Topple 1.9.2

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